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This is about one thing– what is in my head. My blog–my head. There is not a single subject that I plan to stick to, but I do plan to talk about whatever I am working on. The articles may be incomplete, or immature, but that is ok. This is a journey so the process is more important to me that the designation. So, if you are looking for polished and finished concepts, you can move along now, yes move… move along. Do not waste your time and do not give me comments about grammar or sentence structure. I want a dialogue and not a school lesson.

I grew up stuttering and had a lisp. I got through school by being ignored, not a single teacher gave a shit about it. They thought, well he is a boy and not focused on school. I graduated from high school without the ability to read or well read at any functional level in our society. I been working on it. You can let me know when I arrive.

I plan to talk about my processes, which I call my ‘system’. My alcoholism and recovery, my minimalism, my story. The Alcoholic drinking’s has three stages: impulsive, compulsive, and repulsive. I mastered repulsive. What this man thinks about and my fears and hurts. I do not plan to use any real or proper names from those who may know me. What is in my insane mind, (see step 2). I plan to talk about items that bug the shit of me, stop lights, for example, that list is big.

As you can guess, this is one man’s opinion about his middle-aged man issues.

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