No Faith in…

I do not put my faith in big government, big business, big pharmaceutical, big food, or big education.

I do not follow the trend for commercialism, I do not pay more money for a popular label, I am willing to pay more for quality and other things that bring me joy.

“Too many people spend money they haven’t earned to buy things they don’t want to impress people they don’t like.” (Will Rogers, 1879).

When I need something, I buy it, only when I can afford it. I hate when people call me up to sell me shit I do not want, do not mail me flyers, and do not knock on my door. BTW, I tell them I am “renter”, that sends them away.

I do not respond to marketing terms, such as, “Natural”, “Local”, “New”, “Improved”, “Lite”, “Reduced”, or “Natural Flavors”, whatever that is. Oh also terms, “Real” and “Fat-Free. I see that term on items that never had fat, like sugary candy (non-chocolate).


Gluten Free and Organic are suspected as well. Not because you don’t need to know, but big food will place it on labels of all kinds of foods that have never included Gluten. Example, Gluten Free water, really? Speaking of water… I see this all the time… Pure Filter Water. If it the water is pure, why filter it? It is really just filtered treated water. Other oxymorons, like “Hot Water Heater”, it is a “Water Heater”, why would you heat hot water?


If the advertisement copy has words, like “secret”, “act now”, “limited offer”, “Lose weight fast”, “Value pack”, or have people endorsements, by popular athletes or entertainers, I take a pass. 

I want to be active in my life, by putting my money and time on things that bring me joy. For example, a freshly made coffee held in both hands that are both aromatic and tastes a little like heaven. 

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